The Undecided joins the 247Rockstar lineup


Introducing The Undecided: A Dynamic Addition to the 247Rockstar Family

9/18/23 – 247Rockstar is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its family of exceptional musical talents, The Undecided – a sensational rock band hailing from the Wiregrass area. Comprising a lineup of highly skilled musicians, The Undecided brings electrifying energy and a dynamic repertoire of rock hits, spanning from pop to classics, to stages and events around the area.

Founded by lead guitarist and vocalist, Ben Sneed, The Undecided is poised to make a significant mark on the music scene by offering a variety of music hits spanning multiple genres. Ben’s extraordinary guitar skills and charismatic vocals has already set the stage for a band that will ignite the crowd and captivate audeiences.

The band’s lineup includes:

  • Ben Sneed (Lead Guitar and Vocals): Ben Sneed, the driving force behind The Undecided, is not only a virtuoso on the guitar but also a powerful vocalist. His stage presence is magnetic, and his passion for music shines through every note he plays and sings.
  • Kevin Bilbo (Bass): Kevin Bilbo’s bass grooves provide the foundation for The Undecided’s sound. His deep, resonant basslines add a rich texture to their music, ensuring that the audience feels the music deep within their souls.
  • Drew Pride (Vocals and Guitar): Drew Pride’s versatile vocals and exceptional guitar skills complement Ben’s talents, creating harmonious melodies and adding depth to The Undecided’s performances.
  • Jordan McDonald (Drums): Jordan McDonald’s thunderous drumming drives the band’s high-energy performances. His precision and passion for rhythm make him the heartbeat of the group, keeping the audience on their feet throughout the show.

The Undecided recently took the stage by storm with a sensational showcase at Live at Harlow’s in Ozark, Alabama, leaving the audience craving for more. Now, the band is open for bookings at festivals, special events, and venues where high-energy music is the order of the day. Whether it’s an outdoor festival, a rock-themed event, or a lively venue, The Undecided guarantees an unforgettable experience that will leave fans of all ages singing along and rocking out.

To book The Undecided for your upcoming event contact 247 Rockstar at (334) 701 7625

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